Payable research

Topics of paid orders
On behalf of companies (surcharge) the department would conduct:

1. Expertises in the following areas:
• fish processing with particular emphasis on: frozen fish products, salted fish, smoked fish, canned fish, functional food additives,
• assessment of the state of the art production lines for the production of seafood and vegetable & fruit food/plant origin food.
• Expertise related to technology of cereal products
• Expert level of innovation systems in the framework of the EU co-financing for manufacturers


2. Research, measurement, analytical services in the following areas:
• determination of basic food composition (protein, fat, water, ash, sugars)
• determination of the hydrolysis products of proteins
• determination of total volatile bases nitrogen
• determination of amino acid composition of proteins and free amino acids
• determination of proteins solubility
• determination of the proteolytic activity of enzymes
• analysis and evaluation of the technological usefulness of fish resources
• selection and evaluation of the technological usefulness of the food additives, determination of  technological usefulness of natural flavorings and spices
• farinograph evaluation of flour
• evaluation of the flour baking ability by a method of test baking
• assessment of the yeast fermentation ability
• determination of carotenoids and polyphenolic compounds in raw materials and plant products
• examination of the technological properties of hydrocolloids
• determination of objective parameters of food color
• measurements of food texture
• formation of food texture and structure and water holding capacity
• technology and the use of mechanically separated meat from low-valuable fish
• technology ready meals and frozen fish
• cold, warm and hot extrusion
• technology of starch "snack food" products with the participation of animal protein
• fermented products technology
• bakery technology
• selection and evaluation of food additives

• analysis and evaluation of the quality of fish and fish products
• fruit and vegetable technology
• Determination of  bread features (texture, quality, etc.)
• Determination of  flour baking quality

• Determination of the baking ability of biological and chemical leavening agents
• catering technology
• mapping of the temperature distribution inside the autoclave (hot and cold point) and temperature changes in cans as the basis for the numerical evaluation of the sterilization process
• the control of  thermal food processes (available lysine, tryptophan, LAL, etc.),
• development of new parameters of sterilization and heat treatment of canned fish, meat and fruit and vegetables, set on the basis of the optimal values ​​of the sterilization process (protein, lipid, textures, carotenoids, sensory analysis and correlation of results).


3. Training, workshops, courses for employees of companies in the following areas:
• Technology of frozen fish products, technology of salted fish, smoked fish technology,
• Technology of canned fish,
• Technology of breads and pastas,
• technology of cereal snack-food products
• Technology of hydrolysates and protein concentrates and functional foods
• functional properties of food ingredients,
• food heat treatment processes, including food preservation and optimal parameters of this processes.


Other services that can be directed to the companies:
• assistance in the preparation for EU projects to promote innovative technologies,
• improvement of technological processes on the line, reducing losses of raw materials, especially in fish technology,
• development of new technologies and processing techniques.


 Department of Food Technology developed the following technologies, know-how, patents, which may be available for a fee companies:
• Technology of frozen products from mechanically obtained fish meat
• Technology of salted fish,
• functional food from fish.