PhD thesies executed

  1. Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of model dressings prepared with the application of fishes meat, selected starches, functional flours and antioxidants (k. Mojka, 2017)
  2. Technological usefulness of meat of animals for slaughter and functional starch for the production of low-fat sauces with added bioactive substance (N. Krzemińska, 2016)
  3. The use of extrusion to produce functional foods (O. Surma, 2016)
  4. The use of fish meat less-valuable for the production of cereal snacks (T. Krzywiński , 2012)
  5. Losses of nitrogenous substances rainbow trout during heat treatment (E. Minkowska-Giedz, 2011)
  6. The influence of the basic technological factors on the process of marinating herring (M. Szymczak, 2008)
  7. Influence of some technological factors on the change in color of vegetable purees (S. Łomaszewicz, Przybylska , 2007)
  8. Influence of selected biological and technological cutting operation roach (J. Majewski, 2005)
  9. Application of capillary electrophoresis for fractionation deproteinated meat extracts of brine salted Baltic herring (K. Felisiak, 2005)
  10. The impact of fishing season on the dynamics of nitrogenous substances in immersyjnie salted herring Baltic (G. Tokarczyk, 2003)
  11. Influence of some technological factors on texturing minced bream method of directional freezing (I. Jabłonowska, 2001)
  12. Texturing stuffing fish by carbonation in a continuous manner using adapted chopper colloidal (A. Kolbiarz, 2001)
  13. Changes in the texture of muscle tissue during rippening of salted Baltic herring (S. Lisiecki, 2001)
  14. Solubility of myofibrillar proteins of muscle tissue of some species of fish which have been washing process (G. Bortnowska, 1998)
  15. Preparation of starch extrudates with meat fish (M. Wianecki, 1995)
  16. Thesis (Protasowicka, 1987)
  17. Research influence the rate of freezing and thawing on the quality of frozen fish muscle tissue (B. Zarzycki, 1982)
  18. Effect of selected hydrocolloids in the physical properties of the fish stuffing (QAV Baeoda, Peru, 1983)
  19. Enzymatic breakdown of proteins in muscle tissue in rippening process of salted herring (M. Jasińska, 1982 )
  20. Dynamics of changes in nitrogenous substances in meat, fish fragmented by heating with special emphasis on nutritional value (T. Seidler, 1981)
  21. The use of carbon dioxide gas to form the texture of fish burgers (K. Lachowicz, 1980)
  22. The influence of proteins on the physico-chemical and organoleptic sausages, fish (L. Gajowiecki, 1978)
  23. Changes in products of protein degradation in the process of marinating Baltic herring (Mohamed El- Sayed, Egypt, 1974)