Research Projects

Research Project realized in the Department:

1. Effect of selected additives on the sensory properties, rheological properties and shelf-life of fish and vegetable products.
2. Physical and chemical modification of minced fish meat as a additive to extruded food.
3. Improving the sensory properties, rheology and shelf-life of fish and vegetable products.
4. The use of enzymatic modification of the raw materials and food components in order to develop a new generation products and to improve the functional properties of conventional food. The grant consisted of 23 research projects.
5. Enzymatic modification of mechanically separated fish and slaughter animals meat in order to increase its susceptibility to extrusion and freezing extrusion.

6. Intensification of meat ripening of gutted Baltic herring during salting in brine.
7. Impact of fishing season on the dynamics of nitrogen fractions changes during ripening of Baltic herring salted in brine.
8. Effect of washing on the solubility of the proteins and the physical properties of minced fish meat.
9. Comparison of the usefulness of selected preservatives to extend the shelf life of Baltic herring salted in brine.
10. The use of transglutaminase in order to reduce losses and improve the texture of the herring tissue during marinating

11. Application of capillary electrophoresis for separation of deproteinized meat extracts from Baltic herring salted in brine.