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CZEŚĆ !!!,

I remember that i couldn't realize i went to Szczecin as an exchange student, till my erasmus buddy welcome me at the train station. At that first meeting, I understood the adventure begin. When i was going to an unfamiliar dormitory in a stranger's car in a foreign country, i was thinking about what kind of craziness i made. I was worried, scared and regret at the first because of all the differences as like language, culture, food, religion etc.. But only that moment. After that time, after met kindly smiling faces and helpful nice people, i knew that everything is gonna be good.

At the beginning of winter semester erasmus office made a really helpful information meeting and  esn made an unforgettable welcome week. With them, we received good tips for living in Poland, learned and had fun. The only thing to remain to us was exploring more by ourselves.

The color of life, the color of people, the color of differences… The beauty of living is to discover another color. When i met with people from all around the world, learned a new culture, tasted a different cuisine, tried to learn or teach a new language, lived together with foreigners; i understood that we are all the same and knew that all differences are various colors of this life.

            Getting lectures in English, working in laboratory with Polish students, making presentation in an international class, improving our knowledge not only about our study field also history, geography and liberal education, adapting a new lifestyle, having fun with local festivals, events and parties, all of them and more definitely gave us more self confidence, widen our point of view and helped to improve ourselves.

            If you want to taste different relish of life, to study in abroad with helpful teachers and to widen your mind, Szczecin is the best option. And if you come to Szczecin don't miss the sweeten with Pączki, stain with Arkonka forest's color, vocalize with Filharmonia and expand with Polish culture to your memories. And don't forget that whatever you lived in Szczecin, it will be unforgettable.

Do Widzenia!

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