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Hi I'm Kaan, Erasmus+ was an amazing experience ;) 28.06.2017 21:03

My name is Kaan KUMAS, and it’s extremely difficult to describe my feeling about my Erasmus+ experience here in Szczecin. All aspects of my stay were special to me, Faculty, city, country, and many more … but let me try to write something for you guys…

You can take for granted that you will meet with perfect people from every country and that will change your life forever.

ESN Szczecin is the best, this team will help you when you will need anything only ask them, moreover they organize numerous parties for students where you will meet perfect people here. They have too much events for students, like Juwenalia, this event was perfect.

In this country if you are student everything is okay for you. You have unlimited discounts for pubs, shops, trains, public transports … almost everything.

One word about the Faculty,. Lecturers, students and of course The Deans Office were great ;) you can discuss with them numerous issues and they are really caring about you… Don’t worry about that! This country seems to be colder comparing to your country but for me it’s okay, you will hate and like it in the same time  ;)

The only bad thing which will eventually happened to you is say good bye to your friends. I don’t what to say anymore you have to come here and live with full speed ahead . . .

Once Erasmus Always Erasmus